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Nursery and Preschools

Warrington Pre-School & Day Nursery

C/o David Lloyd Club, Sankey Way, Cromwell Avenue South, Great Sankey, Warrington WA5 1HH, UK – 01925 418175

The children are well looked after and they open at 7am.

Evolution Childcare Kalgarth Grange

447 Manchester Rd, Warrington WA1 3TZ, UK – 01925 816888

My son has been there almost 3 years, he loves it and is always excited to go. Staff are very kind and the kids have a lot of fun. :)

Brilliant with children, very kind, and helpful

Old Hall Pre-School

Old Hall Community Centre/Old Hall Rd, Warrington WA5 9QA, UK – 01925 635903

Primary and Secondary Schools

Woolston Community Primary School

Barnfield Rd, Warrington WA1 4NW, UK – 01925 837764

Well I am a pupil in the school and all the teachers are nice and the headteacher I recommend this school it is amazing

My childrens go there and it's an amazing school

Bewsey Lodge Primary School

Lodge Ln, Warrington WA5 0AG, UK – 01925 632730

Hi this is a school I go and it’s a Fabulous school nothing can make it better it’s already too good

this school is where I go and if you are looking to move schools or anything like that I recomend this school

Beamont Community Primary School

O'Leary St, Warrington WA2 7RQ, UK – 01925 630143

I love this school I go there now this is my mum's account they make everything fun the teachers are amazing and at the end of the week we have a special celebration for the children which have impressed the teachers that so if your looking for a school in Warrington beamont is your school

This school is one of the best schools in town , the teachers are really good friendly and funny and make learning easy you can trust me because i finished it :D

Public & Preparatory Schools

King's Leadership Academy Warrington

Hillock Ln, Woolston, Warrington WA1 4PF, UK – 01925 817939

I am very much looking forward to sending my children to this school, especially as it will be after they have moved into their new building. My friend has sent her kids to this school and has not regretted it. Sure, it is different from other schools (or the schooling I remember!) as they have set routines that other schools don't have, and longer school days. From what I have seen first hand in my friends children is that they have matured and are able to have decent intelligent conversations with, as they have confidence not often seen in kids that age and my friend credits the school with bringing them out of their shells in that respect. Plus, I don't know that many people who have met an astronaut or the prime minister and the pupils at Kings did. These are kids who have enjoyed lots of school trips to universities which has helped give them a real direction in life as they are told that they can achieve lots more than they ever thought they could. My lad is looking forward to the martial arts and joining the cadet group in particular, and the away trips to the Lake District they put on for them.

I'm also a student at King's, to be honest, overall its quite a good school, yes we are pressured but it's to push us to get higher grades than people in other schools. There's always a few teachers who get to really know you and who you can feel like you can talk to. Sure it's not perfect, like every place, communication between the school and home is quite poor, not sure why but it is and needs sorting. You hear about other schools and how there's a fight almost every week but there's only really been 1 proper fight in the 4 years it's been open and it was dealt with immediately. Yeah some teachers are less understanding than others and can sometimes make you feel a bit down as they constantly tell you to do better, but im guessing its to improve grades or something but thats only a small amount of teachers, probably 1 or 2, maybe 3. Students may like it at other schools because they may be less pressured and get away with more, but it just sets the standards for the future. Higher standards in school = higher standards for yourself when i think about it. Over all its quite a good school, the school gives you lots of opportunities and activities and chances to go places you might never get chance to go otherwise